The project is to engineer, procure , construct and manage a 120 rooms accommodation camp in Obagi in Rivers State- Nigeria for Total E&P Nigeria Ltd .

The scope of work is:

  • Engineering of the project.

  • Reclamation of swamp area using sand and laterite backfill material.

  • Procuring and installation of prefabricated accommodation units.

  • Procuring and installation of laundry building.

  • Procuring and installation of kitchen/dinning building.

  • Procuring and installation of recreational building.

  • Procuring and installation of clinic building.

  • Furnishing and equipping of the entire camp and facilities.

  • Construction of asphalt access road and parking area.

  • Construction of precast concrete perimeter fence.

  • procuring and installation of galvanized security fence.

  • Construction of precast concrete surface drain.

  • Fabricating and constructing steel structures warehouses and workshops.

  • Construction and installation of the complete underground network for Electric, water and Sewage.

  • Managing the maintenance, catering, laundry, power generators, water treatment plant , sewer    treatment plant and security of the camp.